The 90-Day New Blogger Bootcamp

from Do You Even Blog

Comprehensive. Fun. Free!

This is not a small and easy "make money blogging!" PDF.

This is a thorough program designed to walk you step-by-step through how to set-up, design, launch, market, monetize, and grow a brand new blog.

From zero to growing blog in 3 months or less. No previous experience required. 😉

What does the course cover?

Over the course of 90 days, you will receive 20 different modules:

1. What most “how to start a blog courses fail to mention.
2. Define your purpose and avatar
3. Choosing and finding a domain name, platform, and hosting package
4. Technical set-up start to finish!
5. How to create and publish blog posts (and pages!)
6. Touring WordPress, choosing a theme and customizing it
7. Essential and free plugins
8. How to set up Google Analytics
9. The 2 most important pages of your site
10. Producing good content!
11. Email list-building for beginners
12. How to set-up an email list (for free)
13. Creating your first content upgrade/freebie
14. Blog Marketing 101
15. Traffic from Pinterest
16. Traffic from Google
17. Traffic from…everywhere else
18. How to monetize 101
19. Affiliate marketing 101 (and resources)
20. How to survive your first 12 months as a new blogger
21. 100+ resources for continuing your blogger education

A start-to-finish walk-through alongside HIGHLY successful bloggers.

Included in the bootcamp are case studies and examples from some of the world's top bloggers, including Michelle Schroeder, Bobby Hoyt, Grant Sabatier, Rosemarie Groner, Pat Flynn, Melyssa Griffin, and more!